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cold coco
Surat’s Delight, Coco’s Charm, Milk And
Chocolate In Perfect Form


Introducing “Cold Coco – Surat’s Delight,” a heavenly fusion of milk and chocolate, crafted to perfection to satisfy your sweet cravings.

We are bringing you the authentic flavors of Surat’s Coco directly at your doorstep.
Come and indulge with us in the rich, velvety goodness of COCO, our delectable chocolate-based product crafted to delight your taste buds and enhance your mouthfeel..

Our aim is to create delicious drinks that capture the essence of each region of India! 🧋🍫

Order Today and let the journey of flavors begin !

Cold Coco

Surat’s Delight, Coco’s Charm, Milk And Chocolate In Perfect Form

A Taste of Summer

No Preservative

Free from harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

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Premium Quality

high-quality ingredients with unique flavors.

High Nutrients

High end nutrients with protein, calcium, iron


We strive to use eco-friendly packaging materials.


  • Contains added natural identical flavour vanilla and chocolate.
  • Our cold coco milk is made with real, organic cocoa beans.
  • Organic cocoa beans are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which makes them a healthier and more sustainable choice.
cold coco drink

Aaj GATAK! Gatka Kya?

With each sip, experience the joy of Surat’s beloved Cold Coco, a treat that promises to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more…



cold coco milk
What makes Gatak beverages unique and authentic?

Gatak takes immense pride in crafting beverages that embody the rich flavors and traditions of various regions across India. Our commitment to sourcing the finest natural ingredients from all parts of the country ensures that every sip is a true representation of India’s diverse culture.

Are Gatak beverages free from harmful chemicals and additives?

 Absolutely! At Gatak, we prioritize the health and well-being of our consumers. Our beverages are carefully formulated and undergo rigorous testing to be completely free from harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

How does Gatak support local market?

Gatak is a staunch supporter of the “Made in India” initiative. We work closely with local farmers and suppliers from different regions, providing them with fair opportunities to showcase their produce and contribute to India’s economic growth.

Are Gatak beverages suitable for all age groups?

Yes, our beverages are suitable for all age groups. Gatak takes special care in creating products that cater to diverse preferences, whether it’s for kids, adults, or the elderly. Enjoy the goodness of India’s flavors across generations.

Where can I purchase Gatak beverages?

Gatak beverages are available through our website and authorized retailers across India. You can check our “Store Locator” on the website to find the nearest retail outlet. We also offer secure and convenient online ordering, ensuring your favorite flavors are just a few clicks away.


What They’re Saying

I was so happy to find a cold cocoa milk that I could actually enjoy. Gatak is so creamy and delicious, and I love that it's made with natural ingredients. I highly recommend it!"

Chetan Joshi Mumbai

"I'm a runner, and I love to have Gatak after my long runs. It's the perfect way to refuel and rehydrate. It's also a great way to get a little bit of chocolate in my diet!" love it as a snack or a dessert."I

Yuvraj Parihar Solapur

"I'm a big fan of chocolate milk, but I find that it can be too heavy sometimes. Gatak is the perfect solution! It's light and refreshing, but still has a rich chocolate flavor. love it as a snack or a dessert."

Kalpana Vora Kolhapur

"I'm a chocolate lover, and Gatak is a great option for me. It's a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy chocolate, and it's a great way to stay hydrated. It's also a delicious way to start my day.""

Aditi Kolhapur

"As a traveler, I am always on the lookout for healthy and convenient drinks. Gatak is a great option for me because it is easy to pack and it helps me stay hydrated and energized on the go."

Rishabh S. Ichalkaranji

"As a health-conscious person, I'm always on the lookout for healthy drinks. Gatak is a great option for me because it's made with natural ingredients and is a great way to get my daily dose of chocolate."

Rahul Kulkarni Satara

"I have been drinking Gatak for a few months now, and I am consistently impressed with it. Perfectly balanced between sweetness and creaminess, and the chocolate flavor is smooth and rich."

Anjali S. Pune

" मैं शाकाहारी हूं, और मैं गटक के नए कोको मिल्क को पाकर उत्साहित हूं. यह स्वादिष्ट और मलाईदार है, और मुझे यह पसंद है कि यह प्राकृतिक अवयवों से बना है. मैं इसे पूरी तरह से अनुशंसा करता हूं! और यह मेरे बच्चे भी इसे बहुत पसंद करते हैं।"

Geeta Pune

It's a good drink ..the taste of Coco made me feel to take another shot..but a regular glass is sufficient for a on go drink ... Best GATAK all over...

Jignesh R. Kolhapur

All good no need of improvement , This could be versatile in flavours of chocolate theme, It was an awesome experience!.. I think its perfect!!!

Malhar H. Sangli

Vishay Hard !... Very nice drink .. GATAK ! Will Recommend and marketing to all nearby and socially ...

Ashish K. Kolhapur

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  Manufactured by:

Shivamrut Dudh Utpadak sahakari Sangh Maryadit

Vijaynagar -Akluj, Tal.Malshiras, Dist.Solapur -413118.

  Marketed by:

Gala No.8, Mahalaxmi Complex, Kagwade Mala, Ichalkaranji, Hatkanangale, Kolhapur, Maharashtra-416115

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3rd Floor, Trade Centre, Kolhapur Station Rd, New Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416003.






We are dedicated to crafting exceptional beverages that bring joy and excitement to people’s lives
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